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Why Operational Intelligence and why now ?

Even before the global pandemic, in healthcare the days of business as usual were over. Around the world, every health system had been struggling with rising costs, aging populations, chronic health challenges, legacy technology and overloaded staff. And, while addressing many challenges, the digital transformation also brought its own, from data and interoperability disconnects to knowledge shortages.

Healthcare leaders have worked hard to redefine healthcare by moving to the value-based care model. And yet, there is still a tendency to expect technology and AI to act as a panacea rather than an enabler. Reports indicate that a fifth of healthcare spending gets wasted and could be eliminated without undermining performance1.


We believe that adopting a more integrated, service-based healthcare model with a focus on behavioral change that connects the silos and builds relationships could optimize spending and is the logical next step.


of healthcare spending gets wasted2.  

Administrative complexity accounts for up to $265.5 billion annually in the US alone.Spending that could be eliminated without undermining performance.4

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1 Strategies to reduce wasteful spending: Turning the lens to hospitals and pharmaceuticals, in Health at a Glance: Europe 2018: State of Health in the EU cycle, OECD Publishing, Paris / European Union, Brussels.

2 2019 JAMA study on Healthcare waste, Modern Healthcare, September 2019

3 2019 JAMA study on Healthcare waste, Modern Healthcare.

4 September 2019 Strategies to reduce wasteful spending: Turning the lens to hospitals and pharmaceuticals, in Health at a Glance: Europe 2018: State of Health in the EU cycle, OECD Publishing, Paris / European Union, Brussels.

Healthcare trends driving change:

  • The point of care has shifted towards the patient – healthcare as a service 
  • The need for a healthcare operating system that promotes partnership, integration and collaboration 
  • The quadruple aim of healthcare 
  • Healthcare information has been digitized but often its potential remains untapped 
  • Philips Services & Solutions Delivery and healthcare: Becoming a partner to maximize value

What is Operational Intelligence?


Operational Intelligence is the partnership of continually synchronized people, processes and technology. This operating model turns the current trend to think and prioritize technology first, on its head by combining three critical components to create and deliver a healthcare organization’s products and services to result in profitability and growth.

What began as an idea about how a hospital system and a technology provider could better work together has become a powerful new way of working for hundreds of Philips and healthcare professionals.

A new integrated operating model for the service of care

How Operational Intelligence works?

Rather than operating as a sales organization, when Philips Services & Solutions Delivery partners with a healthcare provider, we bring our Operational Intelligence approach to merge skills and capabilities. This approach to working together offers cumulative gains, unlocking hard value but also the softer, more people-powered value that is harder to achieve and quantify but delivers such significant benefits.

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Working as one: Philips peoples’ skills merge with yours for continual, cumulative improvement. 


Operational Intelligence doesn’t subscribe to process for process sake; instead, it unlocks intelligent, tailored processes. The opposite to the common one size fits all, Operational Intelligence demands that processes are fine-tuned and cocreated together.  


Technology is an enabler; Operational Intelligence makes it both connected and interoperable by breaking down silos to provide a comprehensive, ongoing overview of how technology is required and be utilized (by humans and systems) now and in the future.  

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“At the end of the day, care is a human activity. Technology is not there to replace caregivers, it is there to support them.”

Conrad Smits
Head of Philips Services and Solutions Delivery


Breaking down silos in healthcare, building relationships

Why does Operational Intelligence work?

The challenges of healthcare cannot be solved alone and yet true collaboration can be hard to achieve, with goals, approaches and working styles often misaligned. With Operational Intelligence, our Philips people, processes and technology align and merge with yours to deliver a transformative partnership that is continually synchronizing to self-optimize. 


By taking an operationally intelligent approach, we work as one to solve and achieve more.

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Operational excellence in hospitals

Philips Services & Solutions Delivery is your partner for enterprise-wide operational excellence is our ultimate goal, enabled by Operational Intelligence.

Maintenance services

Upgrading Services

Philips Upgrading Services ensures that your equipment and technology is kept constantly up to date and secure.

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Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity in the age of connected health is vital. Philips Cybersecurity Services provide superior care to the security of the data and devices in your hospital; from enterprise cybersecurity and hardware and software upgrades, to staff training, incident response management and security by design.


*Cybersecurity services will only be available for delivery in North America in 2021 for selected Philips modalities.

Cybersecurity services

Software Evolution Services


Developed specifically for our patient monitoring systems, RightFit Evolution provides software upgrades for central station and/or patient monitors.The latest software assures interoperability and protection against cyber-attacks and opens up new opportunities for improved patient care. RightFit Evolution Advanced offers PC and/or server refresh when required by software upgrades.

Education services

Education and Training Services

Philips Healthcare Education and Training Services help unlock the full potential of your staff, technology, and organization through innovative, meaningful, and evidence-based healthcare education.

Maintenance services

Maintenance Services

Philips Maintenance Services helps you drive performance, usability and interoperability by keeping your technology sustainable and reliable. 

Managed technology services

Managed Technology Services

Philips Managed Technology Services is a comprehensive, outcome based service and solutions programme designed to help you in managing and optimizing your healthcare technology. 

Healthcare transformation services

Healthcare Transformation Services

Philips Healthcare Transformation Services help you achieve clinical excellence and operational efficiency while improving financial performance and delivering quality patient care.

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