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COVID-19 screening & follow-up

Track and follow patients with
COVID-19 symptoms remotely

Reducing the strain on your healthcare facilities to deliver the right care for your patients during the COVID-19 pandemic is not an easy task. Our customizable COVID-19 survey supports you in screening COVID-19 cases in your catchment area remotely and tracking patients with mild symptoms remotely as well. By working with external call centers, you can help further reduce the number of unnecessary consultations while focusing on those patients for whom care is a necessity. Meanwhile, the dashboard gives you the means to gain an overview of the current situation in your area. 


The COVID-19 survey aims to give you more insight into the health status of your population and allows you to risk classify patients yourself based on survey results. COVID-19 insights can help you to allocate your care professionals and timely intervene in high-risk patients. At the same time, you can decide to have eligible patients monitor their health on a continuous basis from their home by sending them follow-up surveys automatically. The COVID-19 survey is accessible through Philips QuestLink, which we strive to make available to you within a short period of time1.  


[1] Standard deployed version of Philips QuestLink without EMR integrations 


Jonge vrouw die van haar ontbijt geniet in haar woonkamer, opgelucht dat zij op ieder moment haar medische gegevens in kan zien.

Want to know more about tracking and assessing patients COVID-19 cases remotely? Download the factsheet


  • Use customizable COVID-19 questionnaires to virtually engage and track patients from their home setting in order to help avoid unnecessary healthcare facility visits:

- Remote risk assessments with customizable COVID-19 questionnaires: age, gender, latest travels, temperature, symptoms, possible contact with known cases and more

- Remote risk assessment before normal consultations: check every patient for symptoms and possibly reduce the number of potentially unsafe visits 

- Track patients suffering from mild COVID-19 symptoms by automatically gathering daily inputs through questionnaires such as temperature1 and other relevant vital signs 

  • Deploy patient-specific customizable communications based on survey results, such as advice to contact the healthcare facility or assign patient to automatic follow-up questionnaires to track health status remotely

- Patient starts survey using either a link on the healthcare facility website or by link sent via email by care professional

- Possibility to receive flags for patients who are at risk based on the answers given

  • Possibility to work with external call centers to manage the expected increase in patients and support them with the right care 
  • COVID-19 dashboard with anonymized and aggregated population health data and insights such as trends and variation
  • Possibility to reduce strain on your healthcare facilities and focus on patients who need care the most

[1] Values measured should always be verified by a care professional

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Screen and follow-up patients with symptoms of the coronavirus    


Philips can help general practitioners and healthcare institutions manage the increased patient flows resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak through a dedicated and scalable telehealth solution that facilitates the use of online screening, follow-up questionnaires and monitoring, and external call center collaborations.

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How Philips is globally addressing the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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