Dorma 200 CPAP sleep therapy system

Dorma 200

CPAP sleep therapy system


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Dorma 200 is an affordable fixed pressure CPAP device with proven Philips quality. The system features quiet operation, automatic altitude compensation, and optional humidifier/SD card. With its cost-effective design, the Dorma 200 offers a practical approach to sleep therapy.

Essential, affordable CPAP || Dorma 200

Essential, affordable CPAP

The Dorma 200 onboard display shows 7 & 30 day averages as well as total therapy hours. An optional humidifier and removable smart card offer extended capabilities. Easy ramp feature adjustments, brightness control, and flex pressure make the system very patient friendly.
Basic event detection || Dorma 200

Basic event detection

Dorma 200 is compatible with our Encore patient data management software to make it easy and efficient for sleep and respiratory professionals to manage patient therapy. The reporting system automatically gathers patient information.
Optional humidifier || Dorma 200

Optional humidifier

Classic integrated humidification is available for the Dorma 200. Users can choose settings between 0 and 5. Each increment increases power to the humidifier plate.
Simple icon-based interface || Dorma 200

Simple icon-based interface

Bold, graphic display icons provide easy-to-understand operational control. The universality of this icon-based interface helps assure access for broad acceptance and compliance.
Respected Philips quality || Dorma 200

Respected Philips quality

The Dorma series represents technology that is easy to acquire, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. Each unit is built to the toughest Philips standards and reflects our commitment to put quality healthcare within reach of more people.