PerformanceBridge Practice

Imaging department continuous performance improvement through tailored assessments, targeted recommendations, and ongoing monitoring and partnership.

Data and expertise tailored to deliver results

Part of the PerformanceBridge Solutions, PerformanceBridge Practice, is designed to make your performance, utilization and workflow data perform for you in tangible ways that deliver measurable outcomes. We dive deep into your organization to define, develop and implement enterprise-level solutions that create value beyond the individual imaging system or modality.

Our PerformanceBridge Practice offering includes:

  • Personalized assessment service to baseline your imaging needs, resources and capabilities, and map to your strategic goals
  • Visibility to current performance and benchmarking against like-networks, sites and systems, as well as across your internal network
  • Confident data insights aligned with business intelligence as well as continuous monitoring and reporting on performance and variability
  • Tailored solution to address your unique challenges and performance improvement opportunities
  • Opportunities to demonstrate the value in the imaging in driving outcomes to achieve the triple aim
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