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Redefining the outcome of vascular treatment

    Vascular interventions are becoming more diverse and complex. An increasing patient population, the development of new devices, and an uptake in the complexity of minimally invasive procedures mean you need to see better to perform better. We offer solutions that do just that by providing outstanding imaging and an extensive device offering for even the most difficult procedures.

    To treat the growing epidemic of peripheral artery diseases, we see a clear need for standardization of endovascular treatment strategies. Real-time guidance is imperative during the procedure to select the correct vessel, device and pathway, but also to precisely position devices to improve clinical outcomes and expand adoption of these interventions. For aortic disease, radiation exposure and contrast medium are a concern for elderly and otherwise frail patients. These procedures are lengthy and often unpredictable. Shorter procedures could reduce contrast medium and radiation exposure.

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    Vascular suite - Redefining the outcome of vascular treatment

    With the Vascular suite, you have the innovations at hand that empower you to redefine outcomes for your vascular patients.

    The Vascular suite has been designed to support diverse peripheral, aortic, visceral, arterial, and venous procedures. From restoring vessel patency and implanting a device to treating an aneurysm or occlusion, Vascular suite enables clinicians to deliver fast, effective, and simplified procedures.

    Performance and superior care become one

    Making therapy simpler, more informative, and less invasive to promote confident decisions

    Supports standardization and consistency of vascular lab workflow to save time, money and reduce variability

    Explore the various procedures in vascular image-guided therapy

    • Peripheral arterial interventions

      Peripheral arterial interventions

      Solutions for peripheral arterial interventions (PAD) procedures offered by Philips image-guided therapy.

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    • Aortic disease

      Aortic disease

      Solutions for aortic procedures offered by Philips image-guided therapy.

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    • Venous procedures

      Venous procedures

      Solutions for Venous procedures offered by Philips image-guided therapy.

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    • Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE)

      Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE)

      Effective guidance in treatment and decision making for prostate artery embolization.

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    Hybrid OR solutions provide an innovative surgical care environment that offers exceptional procedural flexibility and ease of use, while meeting the highest standards for surgical infection control and hygiene. The ceiling-mounted system provides unlimited imaging flexibility for diverse procedures and exceptional positioning freedom for medical teams.

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