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Innovating for a changing healthcare landscape

The solutions we develop aim to deliver better health outcomes, improved experience for both patients and staff, and lower cost of care. By doing so, we help people take better care of their health, at every stage of life.

How we innovate

Philips innovation narrative

People-focused innovation

Our approach to innovations is centered on the people around us, patients and consumers, our customers and business partners.

Meaningful innovation

We develop relevant, impactful solutions that address people’s needs while making a meaningful contribution to health and well-being. 

Collaborative innovation

We actively seek out leading and impactful innovation partnerships across the health ecosystem.

Creative innovation

Being open to exploring new ideas, wherever they come from, is deeply embedded in our culture and ways of working.

Responsible innovation

We are committed to working with key stakeholders to create more sustainable, fair, and trustworthy healthcare systems.

Agile innovation

We plan for the future, while remaining firmly anchored in what matters now. Our innovations constantly evolve, in line with customer needs. 

Developing impactful solutions

People are at the heart of our innovation process. At each step, we look at the world through the lens of their experiences, their needs and their daily routines. Our approach connects people, technology, and data-driven insights, through solutions that are integrated in the workflow of healthcare professionals and the daily routine of consumers.

Connected healthcare and healthy living

We innovate across the health continuum, playing a pivotal role in the digital revolution that is transforming healthcare and how people manage their own health. We are firmly focused on helping create a 'connected' healthcare system that is better placed to meet the world's evolving needs.

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You are about to visit a Philips global content page


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