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    Philips Azurion biplane

    With Azurion, performance and superior care become one

    Working in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, we keep enhancing the Azurion experience so you can perform a wide range of routine and complex interventional procedures easily and confidently, now and in the future.

    Optimize your lab performance

    93% of users

    say they’re more efficient. These users believe that Azurion can help them make more efficient use of their time spent in the lab.1

    10% lower energy consumption

    The Philips Azurion series design and development is committed to meeting sustainability and circular economy ambitions by reducing the product’s environmental impact.2

    85% first-time-right fix rate

    Before you’re even aware that there’s an issue, we’re working to fix it, through secure remote services that deliver proactive model-based analytics to identify issues in the background.3

    Meet the new Azurion, our most flexible biplane system ever

    Meet the new Azurion,
    our most flexible biplane system ever

    Most flexible Philips biplane system to date

    Innovatively designed to support the most challenging procedures

    With the industry-leading Azurion, we reinforce our commitment to you and your patients. Azurion is designed to help you meet your challenges, today and tomorrow.

    Featured innovations

    Photo of Marco van Strijen
    With the Azurion system, we were able to change our workflow in such a way that we now can do more patients in a single day, resulting in more patients a week, resulting in more patients per year, with no compromise to patient safety or quality of care.”

    Marco van Strijen, MD, Interventional Radiologist

    St. Antonius Hospital, Utrecht/Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

    One system multiple workflows infographic

    One system, multiple workflows

    Advanced capabilities integrated with innovative system geometry support improved workflow, helping you to optimize your lab performance and provide superior care to your patients.

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    1 Evaluated with clinical users in a simulated lab environment.
    2 Determined via the COCIR SRI method. Compared to the predecessor Allura Xper platform. Exact energy reduction depends on configuration.
    3 Based on First-Time-Rate data from 2021 for Allura and Azurion systems that were remotely connected (n=12.205) for corrective maintenance.

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