Visions PV .035 Digital IVUS catheter

Visions PV .035

Digital IVUS catheter

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As an adjunct to conventional angiographic interventions, the Visions PV .035 digital IVUS catheter evaluates vascular morphology in blood vessels and provides cross-sectional imaging of these vessels. With a 90 cm length and 60 mm max imaging diameter for 0.035” guide wire interventional procedures, the device aids in peripheral artery disease diagnosis and venous disease and guides clinicians toward the correct therapy for the patient’s unique needs.

IVUS assesses disease
IVUS helps with disease assessment

IVUS helps with disease assessment

IVUS imaging helps aid disease diagnosis, including plaque burden percentage, lesion location and morphology, calcium volume, and the presence of thrombus. It also provides analysis of crucial parameters—like luminal cross-sectional measurements.
Treatment decisions
Assists with decisions during the intervention

Assists with decisions during the intervention

IVUS provides real-time diagnostic imaging for peripheral artery disease and venous disease. It may also guide clinicians to the correct angioplasty technique for a patient’s individual needs, help assess intervention effectiveness, and assist in endovascular device delivery. The imaging modality also helps clinicians decide the size of the device needed for the best outcome.
Treatment outcomes
Helps confirm treatment results

Helps confirm treatment results

IVUS imaging helps to confirm treatment results, including the completeness of treatment, and the apposition and expansion of stent placement.
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