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Exceptional portable ultrasound from your smart device


Philips' ultrasound app brings diagnostic capabilities
to your compatible smartphone or handheld device

Accolades for Lumify:

Timely POCUS educational resources

Lung and cardiac point-of-care ultrasound can play a valuable role in evaluating and managing patients in respiratory distress. The Philips POC education web page provides education tools authored by physician experts that are available at your fingertips.  

Dr. Sara Nikravan’s Lung Ultrasound Series


Introducing Pulsed Wave Doppler

Philips Lumify
Philips Lumify now features a Pulse Wave Doppler tool that enables you to assess hemodynamic flow and quantify in any application, with all three Lumify transducers. The latest release of our handheld ultrasound solution also includes two new early OB measurements that empower users to easily assess early-stage fetal growth.

Lumify is now compatible with Apple devices

Lumify in the hand
We’re now putting Lumify in the hands of millions of more clinicians that use Apple devices to help them provide the best possible patient care in any situation.

App-based mobile ultrasound, ready when you are

Philips Lumify - Ultrasound on your compatible smart device
With Lumify, high-quality portable ultrasound is available almost anywhere. Just purchase or subscribe, download the Lumify app, plug in the transducer, and you're set. Meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it's needed.

Discover the world's first truly integrated tele-ultrasound solution - Lumify with Reacts

Philips Lumify with by Reacts
Live communications support better, more meaningful collaborations, especially at the moment when needed. Explore how Lumify with integrated Reacts capability brings professionals, places and patients together to make a real difference.

S4-1 portable ultrasound transducer supports up to 5 exam types


The sector array Lumify S4-1 transducer can assist you in examining cardiac function or quickly performing FAST exams right from your compatible Android mobile device or smartphone. With the Lumify S4-1 you have Philips quality cardiac imaging on a device you can take with you anywhere-portability without compromise in image quality.

Lung image
Cardiac image
Abdomen image
OB/Gyn image
FAST image
S4-1 image

L12-4 transdüser 5 adede kadar muayene türünü destekler.


Yaralanan bir hastayı değerlendirirken ya da bir eklem enjeksiyonu yapmanız gerektiğinde, Lumify L12-4 taşınabilir ultrason cihazı olağanüstü detaylarla kas ve dokuyu görmenize imkan sağlar. Yüksek hassasiyet, daha fazla güvenirlik, tedavi planının daha kısa sürede hazırlanması ve yüksek hasta memnuniyeti demektir.

L12-4 transdüser 5 adede kadar muayene türünü destekler.
L12-4 transdüser 5 adede kadar muayene türünü destekler.
Lung image
Vascular image
Soft tissue
Yumuşak Doku
MSK image
superficial image
L12 4

C5-2 transdüser 4 farklı alanda görüntüleme yapılmasını destekler


Konveks Lumify C5-2 transdüser, direkt olarak uyumlu akıllı telefonunuzdan veya cihazınızdan safra taşlarını kontrol etme veya hızlıca FAST muayenesi gerçekleştirme konusunda size yardımcı olabilir. İnanılmaz görüntü kalitesi ve çoklu tarama türleri ile Lumify, ultrasona ihtiyaç duyulan her an hızlı değerlendirmeler yapmanıza yardımcı olur.

Lung image
Abdomen image
Gallbladder image
Safra Kesesi
OB/Gyn image
Kadın Hast./Doğum
C5-2 transducer

The Lumify solution


Your Lumify purchase includes more than just your handheld ultrasound, it is an entire ecosystem dedicated to helping you deliver incredible care.

Quality image

Incredible image quality


Our portable ultrasound transducers and app include decades of expertise and innovation in ultrasound imaging to help you make fast, informed decisions.

Security image

Data security & encryption


Lumify is compatible with the latest encryption and data security systems and can be made to comply with enterprise data security policies. Read the Lumify System and Data Security document for more information.

Sharing image

Simple sharing & multitasking


Connect easily to patient PACS, or share images, video, and notes with colleagues from your handheld ultrasound device via email or a shared network. The app-based platform allows for broader use of your compatible device or smartphone, such as browsing the Internet.

Updates image

Real-time updates to your tablet


Stay current with automatic app updates, which include rollout of new features as soon as they're developed.

Support image

Sürekli destek


Lumify Destek sayfasında sorularınızla ilgili olabilecek SSS'ler ve ürün dokümanları bulunur. Ayrıca, Lumify müşterileri, Philips'in olağanüstü müşteri hizmetlerine doğrudan erişebilir.

Lumify ile ilgili haberler

  • Lumify provides optimal support

    Lumify provides optimal support

    Philips Lumify News German Army Equipped to make ultrasound-guided diagnoses with Lumify

  • POC ultrasound enhances midwife patient care

    POC ultrasound enhances midwife patient care

    Philips Lumify News Midwives Point of Care Ultrasound in rural Africa

  • Bedside Ultrasound in the ED

    Bedside Ultrasound in the ED

    Philips Lumify News Bedside ultrasound in the ED

  • Point-of-Care ultrasound clinical education resources

    Point-of-Care ultrasound clinical education resources

    At Philips, we believe clinical education is a key part of streamlining medical management in the critical care setting.

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