Vascular surgery with a Mobile C-arm solution

Live Image Guidance in vascular surgery with a Mobile C-arm solution

From venous or iliac access, to more complex EVAR procedures, clear imaging and good spatial resolution allow for high quality patient care.


Advances in technology allow more complex minimally invasive vascular interventions to be done with a mobile C-arm. With excellent image quality, low radiation dose settings, and effective heat management, these systems are a flexible alternative. Lower initial and ongoing operational costs provide an added benefit.


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Greater insight and confidence in finding and treating the problem

Our Live Image Guidance expands clinical capabilities through intelligent and intuitive integration of multi-modality images at the point of treatment, enabling confident diagnoses and real-time therapy monitoring.

Veradius Neo

Mobile X-ray with power and superb image quality


With optimized C-arc geometry, state-of-the-art flat detector, and advanced dose settings, Veradius Neo delivers flexibility and comfort during challenging procedures. Surgeons can count on high performance imaging and easy access, without sacrificing quality or clinical flexibility.

BV Pulsera

Mobile workhorse with the power to penetrate


BV Pulsera offers a large field of view and the power to see vascular detail through virtually any size patient. The digital exposure function delivers extra-sharp, single snapshot images to see stent markers and arteries for confident decision making.

Better user experience to promote consistency and efficiency

By combining disease centric tools, patient data, and procedural protocols in a single suite, clinicians are supported in each of their specific disciplines. This simplifies clinical workflow and promotes efficiency.

Veradius Neo

Versatile, premium C-arm


This mobile system is easy to move and easy to use. The open geometry of the C-arm accommodates large patients and is versatile enough for a wide variety of procedure types. Color-coding provides clear visual aids about system movements to simplify communication between physician and operator and to help speed procedures.

BV Pulsera

Easy to use for quick point and shoot


BodySmart software with adaptive MF allows quick point and shoot capability for first-time-right excellence. The ultra compact mobile C-arm is designed with excellent heat management/active cooling for longer procedures. Fully balanced with footswitch and remote control, the system is easy to operate by the physician as well as staff.

Lower barriers for minimally invasive interventions

An innovative set of techniques, programs, and practices are used to deliver high quality imaging for a full range of clinical procedures at ultra low dose. This enables comfortable treatment of radiation-sensitive patients and helps manage staff exposure.

Veradius Neo

Confidence and control for any challenge


Achieve effective X-ray dose management in the OR sensibly and simply. Philips Veradius Neo is designed to provide improved levels of x-ray dose management through unique system features such as beam filtration, monoblock technology, structured dose reporting and dedicated protocols.

BV Pulsera

Quality and efficiency for enhanced X-ray dose control


Protocols designed for specific procedures help provide a first-time right approach to imaging in the OR and lead to good dose management. See high image quality with low cumulative x-ray dose to both patient and staff, without taking focus away from the patient and procedure.

DoseAware family

Real-time radiation exposure monitoring


Real-time, procedure-based feedback on scattered X-ray dose (during and after the procedure), helps you to manage radiation exposure to patients and staff.

Increased economic value

We are committed to working with you to reduce re-admissions, streamline work flow, and increase patient volume by opening the door to new procedures and techniques. By supporting a wide range of procedures you can increase system utilization and reduce the total cost of ownership. Flexible service contracts protect your investment over its entire lifecycle, increasing uptime and providing easy access to upgrades and innovations.

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