Treating vascular diseases and cancer

Live Image Guidance in treating vascular diseases and cancer

Neuro Image

Work with confidence to determine the optimal course of treatment. Leverage multimodality Live Image Guidance and 3D data to quickly assess the nature and location of pathology, like tumor, lesions or vascular occlusions and reveal hidden complexities to initial treatment strategy.

Receive immediate intra-operative feedback on therapy response. Whether you are implanting a device, treating an aneurysm, embolizing a tumor or removing a clot, our technology helps you to navigate in real time to the target and enable your clinical decision-making.


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  • Neuro interventions

    Neuro interventions

    Live, detailed clinical data helps target lesions for fast, effective treatment

  • Endovascular/oncology therapy

    Endovascular/oncology therapy

    Achieve clarity of detail and navigational precision with Live Image Guidance, for enhanced confidence.

  • Hybrid Suite

    Hybrid Suite

    Seamlessly perform a wide range of open and minimally invasive procedures in a single room.

  • Vascular surgery with a Mobile C-arm solution

    Vascular surgery with a Mobile C-arm solution

    Advanced mobile C-arms broaden the ability to conduct complex, minimally invasive procedures.