Cardiac arrhythmias

Live Image Guidance in treating cardiac arrhythmias

Whether performing an ablation or implanting a CRT device, understanding and navigating through cardiac structures can be challenging. Long procedure times make it crucial to reduce radiation exposure for patients and staff. And with the need to handle many different types of equipment, establishing an efficient workflow can be far from trivial.


We are committed to making a difference where it really matters with our Live Image Guidance solutions.


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Greater insight and confidence in finding and treating the problem

Our Live Image Guidance expands clinical capabilities through intelligent and intuitive integration of multi-modality images at the point of treatment, enabling confident diagnoses and real-time therapy monitoring.

EP navigator

Intuitive catheter navigation


Provides a 3D image of the heart based on either a pre-interventional CT or rotational angiography image taken during the procedure. EP navigator gives you fully automatic segmentation and registration of LA-PV anatomy for intuitive 3D catheter guidance. Registration can be exported to all standard mapping systems to manage X-ray dose, save time, and re-registration.


Live ultrasound and fluoroscopy integration

Live 3D echo and ICE integration improves orientation and soft tissue clarity, guides transeptal puncture and real-time tissue assessment, and supports complex procedures such as LAA closure.


2D ICE solution for EP lab


Fully integrated with Allura Xper FD X-ray systems, the CX50 xMATRIX and the FlexView Xtra catheter provide excellent 2D ICE imaging performance, four-way steering, and offers the unique benefit of single-hand control. 

3D EP Rotational Scan

High speed, high resolution 3D visualization


Provides 3D visualization of the anatomy to plan the optimal therapeutic approach. Intra-procedural high-resolution rotational angio is an alternative to pre-procedural CT or MR. And the 3D-RA scan exports to St. Jude Ensite and Biosense CartoAlara. 

Better user experience to promote consistency and efficiency

By combining disease centric tools, patient data, and procedural protocols in a single suite, clinicians are supported in each of their specific disciplines. This simplifies clinical workflow and promotes efficiency.

EP cockpit

Organize and de-clutter the EP room


Clutter-free integration of mapping, recording, and robotics systems via ceiling rack and tableside control improves workflow. A 56" high-resolution LCD display for viewing and zooming of multiple data sources is joined by centralized operation in the control room.

Ambient Experience

Patient/staff comfort for efficient procedures


During complex EP procedures the benefits of an Ambient Experience room design are evident. They include, enhanced comfort for patient/staff, better patient/staff interaction, less stressful work environment, and enhanced procedural efficiency. 

FlexVision XL

Full control of your viewing environment


Integrates all relevant images and information together in an interactive, intuitive and procedurally relevant way to expand clinical capabilities and enhance real time cross functional communication. 

Lower barriers for minimally invasive interventions

An innovative set of techniques, programs, and practices are used to deliver high quality imaging for a full range of clinical procedures at ultra low dose. This enables comfortable treatment of radiation-sensitive patients and helps manage staff exposure.

AlluraClarity with ClarityIQ

Industry leading image quality at a fraction of the dose


AlluraClarity family of X-ray systems with ClarityIQ technology delivers superb image quality at 50% dose reduction, helping to minimize patient and staff exposure. You can manage low dose levels to see what you must, without changing the way you work.


Optimized image quality at reduced X-ray dose levels


A suite of safe and effective dose optimization tools to reduce dose during every procedure. Specific DoseWise EP settings are optimized for EP procedures, to manage radiation exposure during long procedures. 


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Allura Xper

Dedicated EP settings


Special exposure settings for electrophysiology procedures are available on Philips Allura Xper X-ray systems. They have been developed in partnership with electrophysiologists to reduce radiation exposure and improve efficiency.


Real-time radiation exposure monitoring


Real-time, procedure-based feedback on scattered X-ray dose (during and after the procedure), helps you manage radiation exposure to patients and staff.

Electrophysiology portfolio

Comprehensive solutions that support clinicians


Our extensive electrophysiology portfolio, from mobile C-arms to advanced, integrated, hybrid electrophysiology lab solutions, can be tailored to meet your need for increased value and efficiency. 

Increased economic value

We are committed to working with you to reduce re-admissions, streamline work flow, and increase patient volume by opening the door to new procedures and techniques. By supporting a wide range of procedures you can increase system utilization and reduce the total cost of ownership. Flexible service contracts protect your investment over its entire lifecycle, increasing uptime and providing easy access to upgrades and innovations.

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