Treating cardiac diseases

Live Image Guidance in treating cardiac diseases

Enhanced visualization and live image-guided navigation through soft tissue, helps you determine the optimal course of treatment with confidence. From routine coronary to the most complex structural heart, congenital, or ablation procedure, our Live Image Guidance solutions provide assistance.


This enables clinicians to complete fast, effective and simplified procedures with an efficient clinical workflow and outcome.


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  • Treating coronary artery disease

    Treating coronary artery disease

    Clarity of coronary anatomy assists clinicians with complex interventions and helps reduce dose.

  • Structural heart disease

    Structural heart disease

    Real-time navigation and soft tissue visualization boosts confidence and improves workflow.

  • Congenital heart disease

    Congenital heart disease

    High quality imaging is tuned to small patient weights in order to reduce radiation dose and contrast agent usage.

  • Cardiac arrhythmias

    Cardiac arrhythmias

    Shorter procedures at a lower dose are a result of innovative navigation and workflow solutions.