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Dose management in Allura systems

Protecting your patients and your people

Radiation dose is a complex issue, especially when viewed in the context of healthcare. Used appropriately radiation brings many universally accepted medical benefits, including the identification and treatment of damaged bones, cancers, and heart abnormalities. However, it also has the power to harm human DNA and, if used negligently, to cause cancer.

At Philips, we have established ourselves as a leader in the area of dose management; Philips DoseWise is a set of techniques, programs, and practices that better protect your patients and your people from the negative effects of radiation in X-ray environments.

DoseWise Allura


Our dose reduction solutions specific to Philips Allura systems are known collectively as DoseWise Allura; a unique combination of techniques, programs, and practices, built into our Allura FD interventional X-ray systems that provide clinically relevant image quality during each interventional application, while providing X-ray dose management.

DoseWise Allura offers significant dose-savings using a unique combination of components. At Philips, we divide factors that influence dose and image quality in three main categories:

Smart technology:

Our innovations to support you in reducing dose

More control:

Ensuring your workflow is dose optimized

Better awareness:

Assisting you in creating an increased awareness of dose

Smart technology


X-ray conversion efficiency up 25% compared to previous generation


Up to 80% reduction compared to non-gridswitch fluoroscopy


Pre-filtrationUp to 50% reduction compared to no filtration

Advanced image processing

Boost image quality

DoseWise Allura’s exceptional image quality and dose management capabilities are made possible by a variety of proprietary technologies developed by Philips. These ‘intrinsic’ features are those components within the system that form the foundation of exceptional imaging, such as the generator, MRC X-ray tube, dynamic flat detector, and real-time image processing.

More control

Optimized X-ray protocols

Up to 80% reduction by selecting optimized protocols for the anatomy (e.g. Cardio vs EP)

Collimation, shutter & wedge on LIH

Reduced exposed patient area to the region of interest

FluoroChoices & FluoroStore

Up to 80% reduction by selecting the lowest fluoro dose

Eco Dose

Enables you to lower the image quality to the necessary minimum

DoseWise Allura offers a variety of unique features which allow you to tailor your system by image quality and dose to perfectly meet your specific requirements. These include our clinically optimized X-ray protocols, low-dose protocols, fluoro choices, fluoro store and collimation on Last Image Hold.

Better awareness

DoseAware for staff (optional)

Proven to improve workflow habits of healthcare staff

Structured patient dose reporting

Enhanced patient dose management

In-room patient dose indication

In-room awareness of patient dose

DoseWise Allura assists the user in creating dose awareness via in-room actual zone area AK display, structured patient dose reporting, and real-time staff dose display.

Benefits of Dosewise Allura

  • DoseWise Allura enables dose management for both patients
    and staff
  • DoseWise Allura gives physicians more control during X-ray procedures thanks to Philips proprietary smart technologies and awareness programs
  • Our unique Xper technology provides the ability to customize the system for image quality and dose to best suit your needs and preferences


  • DoseWise Allura is integrated across the Philips interventional fixed X-ray system portfolio

Allura Centron

Making the difference with Live Image Guidance – Enhanced for Cardiac and EP, flexible for Neuro and Vascular.

Allura Xper

System for minimally invasive vascular surgery procedures with large 20 inch field of view.


Making the difference with Live Image Guidance – Industry leading image quality at a fraction of the dose.

Increased use of fluoroscopic and cine imaging has led to greater exposure to harmful ionizing radiation for both patients and staff in the healthcare environment. To combat this, Philips has developed DoseWise, a set of techniques, programs, and practices that supports excellent image quality, while providing X-ray dose management.

DoseWise Allura is integrated across our Allura FD interventional X-ray portfolio. It combines a variety of dose management strategies and techniques that help you to deliver the optimal balance between dose level and image quality.