Philips TV is all about creating moments that are beyond the ordinary. Lightwaves is one of those moments. In this film you will meet some of the world's best surfers, Chippa Wilson and Damien Hobgood, taking on beautiful waves engulfed in light and color on specially crafted boards -- in a way you have never seen before. On a journey to Dubai and the Maldives with the world-leading adventure film company, Sweetgrass Productions we found the perfect locations for this movie. It's an emotional experience that mirrors our vision of the power of Ambilight -- and shows just how fantastic something already cool can be just by adding the power of light. A Philips TV is all about making you feel more from the things you love to watch, play and share. With the power of Android ™ and Ambilight we can make just that happen.

Behind the scenes

The production of the Lightwaves movie was as spectacular as the movie itself. This is the story of the production of Lightwaves. The crew and some of the world's best surfers, Chippa Wilson and Damien Hobgood, take you through their trip across the world with a massive ensemble of production equipment and the goal to capture glow in the dark night surfing. Dust storms in Dubai, broken wave pools, short circuiting surfboards and lightning storms in the Maldives are all part of the hurdles. Overcoming these hurdles they have created a stunning end result. Shot in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD, Lightwaves delivers rich details and astonishing picture quality—just like Ambilight TVs. And, just like Ambilight TV, we utilised light to intensify emotion and add impact to the overall experience.

The surfers


A project of this size calls for some pretty major talent. Sure, lots of surfers can ride the waves, but how many can do it under cover of darkness? Are experienced enough and have the expertise required for a high-pressure production like Lightwaves? Meet our dream team:

Chippa Wilson

Nominated as “Breakthrough Performer of the Year” at the 2010 Surfer Poll Awards and for the 50k Kustom Airstrike in 2010, 23 year old Chippa Wilson is one of the world’s best surfers. Known for taking to the air with huge moves, Chippa displays his diversity as a surfer in huge barreling surf, once again proving he is a surfer beyond the ordinary.

Damien Hobgood


As a professional surfer from Satellite beach, Florida, Damien Hobgood is known for having once held the highest two-wave grand final score in pro surfing by scoring 19.9 out of 20 at The Quiksilver Pro Fiji in 2004. Hobgood is part of the Surfrider Pro Team and won rookie of the year in the ASP Championships 2000.

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